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A Hard Wearing Pathway & Buggy Track Surface

Pathways are an essential feature of every golf course. As well as protecting the greeens and fairways, pathways provide valuable circulation routes for visitors. Clearly defined routes minimise the impact on other players while protecting sensitive environments. Natural pathways require constant maintenance to combat uneven wear and erosion, especially from carts and trolleys in wet weather. Concrete and aggregates can appear harsh, while coloured rubber often fails to blend with the surroundings. Redlynch Leisure has developed TigerTrak – an efficient and long lasting solution, to reduce pathway maintenance and provide perfect walkways all year round.


TigerTrak is a mixture of colour-coated shredded lorry tyre rubber and a specifically formulated polyurethane binder with the appearance of natural bark. It uses the high quality TigerMulch system to form a superb surface, ideal for use on golf courses for pathways and buggy tracks.

TigerTrak is mixed up and wet-laid on site, forming an in situ surface that is incredibly strong. As the rubber is bound with the polyurethane, the shreds do not move out of place, providing a strong and durable surface. The overall effect is to create a highly decorative surface that will do its job for many years. When laid TigerTrak is slightly soft underfoot, making it a comfortable surface for pedestrians and strong enough to accommodate buggy traffic.

TigerTrak is extremely versatile and can be used in many areas of the course:

  • Pathway or buggy track
  • On slopes up to a gradient of 45°
  • Over link bridges
  • Woodland settings

The resin bound rubber mulch is the ideal surface for carts and buggies. Depending on ground conditions a compacted sub base may be advisable. The grass perimeter can be allowed to knit into the TigerTrak, making the effect even more natural without the need for edging.

Woodland Tracks

TigerTrak could be the ideal surface if you need to create a woodland path. As no ground preparation may be required, tree roots will not be damaged whilst the surface is being installed. Its very natural appearance also means that the pathway will be unobtrusive.


Unlike many firms, Redlynch Leisure employs its own highly skilled and experienced direct workforce to install the product. Rigorous quality control and a zero defects policy at every stage means that TigerTrak will keep on working, year after year.


TigerTrak offers multiple advantages:

  • Attractive and natural looking
  • Non-slip
  • Quiet and comfortable underfoot
  • Porous and free draining – no damp patches or water pooling from heavy rain
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for all golfing footwear
  • Manufactured from recycled rubber – helps the environment
  • Limited base works in some locations

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TigerTrak is the perfect all-weather surface which is ideal for pathways and buggy tracks. Click on the boxes to learn more.

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