Bunker Liner Product Details

Our Bunker Liners Are Long Lasting and Low Maintenance

With the high cost of maintenance, bunkers have become hazards for both golf clubs and for players. Ageing or poorly constructed bunkers are unable to withstand the rigours of the elements and the demands of the modern game. Persistent failure may prompt players to move elsewhere.

Common problems facing course managers

  • Washdown of sand from bunker faces
  • Poor drainage resulting in flooded bunkers being classified ground under repair, causing disruption to players and
    club officials
  • Stone contamination from the base level
  • Base level disintegration from club strikes
  • Burrowing animals and insects

Many bunker problems can be minimised by the installation an engineered base liner. BunkerBase is an in situ formed bunker liner engineered from recycled lorry tyres mixed with a polyurethane binder which provides an efficient and long lasting solution.


  • Installed by Redlynch’s qualified and directly-
    employed operatives
  • Mixed on site and laid wet to achieve the perfect fit with the contours of the bunker
  • Laid to a thickness of 25-35mm to form a strong, highly
    durable barrier
  • The open textured matrix of the layer allows for rapid
    permeability, helping bunkers remain free from water saturation


BunkerBase is a permeable physical barrier which forms the base layer of the bunker. The powerful in situ resin bound rubberised bunker liner provides bunker protection from above and below and helps prevent saturation.

  • Pores in the barrier allow moisture to drain away rapidly through to the drainage course and prevent water pooling in the bunker. Water flows between the rubber and the face of the bunker, rather than the sand and the face of the bunker.  This drastically reduces sand washdown after heavy rain, dramatically reducing those hours spent raking it back.
  • Forms a physical barrier that prevents the reshuffling of aggregates that always leads to the largest particles being on top.
  • The tough resin bound bunker liner is strong enough to withstand club strikes that would disturb stones in the underlying strata while also blocking burrowing animals.

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Bunker lining cross section

“The drainage of the bunkers on the 18th holes has improved

Head Groundsman Springs Hotel & Golf Club, Wallingford