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Redlynch Leisure have 3 major product areas that enhance and improve golf course by helping them to be more “playable” for more of the year.  In particular, making them more resistant to water-logging, frost damage and generally more resilient to bad weather.

  • Bunker Lining
  • Golf course pathways
  • Porous pathways for sustainable drainage

BunkerBase – Bunker Liner

Redlynch Leisure have developed a bunker lining that is permeable to allow water to pass through yet durable and robust to prevent burrowing animals and be exceptionally low maintenance.

Our bunker liners help prevent water logging and burrowing animals spoiling the enjoyment of your golf course.

Information on our Bunker Lining

TigerTrak All Weather Paths

Our All Weather Tracks make it easy to pull a golf trolley or drive a cart, look attractive AND can withstand the UK’s weather.

Our innovative “TigerTrak” solution is also low maintenance.

Information on our All Weather Tracks

FlexiPath – Porous Surfacing

Our FlexiPath Porous Surfacing is ideal for paths, tracks, roads, carparks and other areas where you need a porous surfacing solution to help prevent water logging and adhere to best perceptive in Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions (SuDS) best practice.
Information on our Porous Surfacing Solutions


Need help?

Our friendly staff are always happy to provide free design advice to help you create innovative golf course improvement solutions. Call us on 01249 444 537 during office hours or request an appointment anytime via our online form Contact Us Now

See Case Studies on our Golf Course Improvements

We like to work with golf course managers to design the best solutions to help keep maintenance costs down and help keep your golf courses performing at their optimal levels for as much of the year as possible View Redlynch Leisure Case Studies

BTME 2019

On January 22nd, 23rd and 24th 2019 Redlynch Leisure exhibited at BTME 2019 in Harrogate.

 If you want any follow ups or have further questions, please contact us online or on the phone (01249 444 537)

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