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Halo-Cubic play equipment with style

Halo play towers have beautiful smooth lines making them very stylish. No compromise on the play features either making this fun for kids whilst being stylish (Product Code 230020)

Finno climbing track on sand.

Finno climbing track on sand. Fun and practical (Product code 137075M)

Cubic climbing tower. A vertical playground

Line drawing of Halo Cubic – this vertical playground can accommodate up to 40 children. (Product Code 239031M)

Side elevation of Halo Cubic

Side elevation of the Halo Cubic. All playground products have side and plan elevations as well as DWG files ready for designing a play area (Product Code 239031M)

Wet pour surface brightens a dark space making it bright and inviting

Colourful “sunny” wet pour surface transforms a dark and uninviting area into a bright play space in an Oxfordshire hospital

Surfacing Experts

At Redlynch Leisure we have been providing surfacing solutions for over 20 years.  We pride ourselves on the quality and breadth of surfacing solutions we offer.  From TigerMulch tree pits to porous hardwearing pathways and playground surfacing we have solutions that enhance many development projects. See Surfacing Solutions

Bespoke Play and Fitness Equipment

By partnering with Lappset for our play and fitness equipment we have access to some of the best and most innovative products available. What’s even better is that many products can be customised into bespoke pieces. This means that awkward spaces can be utilised fully. Over 5000 different pieces have been customised. Find out about Bespoke Designs

Architecturally Inspired Playground Designs

The Halo-Cubic playground range must have been inspired by modern architecture! These cuboid designs are inspired by treehouses – but with a modern twist. Not only are they beautiful, but their modular design again allows customisation.  Perhaps most important of all, children love them! One Halo-Cubic Play tower can accommodate over 40 children within a footprint of less than 90m2 Find out about Wall Holla and Halo Cubic

Incredible Space Saving Playground Designs

The Halo-Cubic range is good at enabling lots of children to play within a relatively small area, but the Wall Holla take this space saving vertical playground to another level. For example the Wall Holla 13 with a goal (opens in a new window) can accommodate 39 children within a footprint of less than 60m2. Find out about Vertical Playgrounds

Amazing Playground Centrepieces

If you are looking for a playground centrepiece then there are lots of choices available. From Vertical playgounds like the Wall Hollas and Halo-Cubics there is a wide choice of fantastic designs in the Premium Range. These include innovative architecturally inspired designs like the “Olives” to theme based designs like “Dino” (the Dinosaur) View Premium Playgrounds There is also a huge range of theme based products with trolls, goblins, ships, castles, animals, trains, spaceships and more View Theme Based Play Of course not every project has the space or budget for a large playground centrepiece. Fortunately there are hundreds of other play and fitness products for outdoor play or sport. View Playground Products View Fitness Products (including Senior Fitness)

Sustainable Drainage Solutions

A number of our surfacing products have excellent porosity characteristics that can help mitigate against urban drainage issues. Our FlexiPath surfacing combines rubber, stone and resin to form an attractive hard wearing surface that is great to walk on. It also requires minimal maintenance. Find out about FlexiPath SUDs

Halo Cubic - playground equipment can be beautiful

Halo activity tower. Sophisticated design that children and adults love. Makes a beautiful architecturally inspired playground solution. (Product Code 230020)

Halo Cubic - a playground design that combines beauty, practicality and fun

Another view of the Halo Cubic – these vertical playgrounds combine aesthetics with practical play space. As they are “vertical playgrounds” they pack a lot of play space within a relatively small footprint

Wall Holla - vertical play

Wall Holla – these vertical playgrounds are amazing! Children love them and their small footprint makes them an ideal playground design solution for places where there is a need for something that is amazingly space efficient.

Wall Holla - a space saving playground

Wall Holla at the Swindon Designer Outlet. As you can see there is capacity for lots of children to play here within a very small footprint, making the area look spacious. Unsurprisingly this vertical playground won a design award.

visualisation of a proposed playground

Side elevation of a proposed playground. You can get a really good idea on how a playground design will look and how it will fit into it’s location

Playground design plan view

The visualised playground above in a plan view scale drawing

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