Safety Surfaces and Outdoor Playground Equipment for Schools and Nurseries

Playground Surface Solutions for Schools and Nurseries

Why Redlynch Leisure?

  • Redlynch Leisure are playground surfacing experts with over 20 years experience in safety surfaces. 
  • Full range of safety surface solutions.
  • We use our own experienced installation teams (DBS checked) who operate a zero defects approach to ensure that our surfaces give years of trouble free and low maintenance usage. 
  • Surface cleaning and repair options available – saving you money when its possible to rejuvenate a tired playground surface 

FlexiTop Colourful Wet Pour Rubber Safety Surface

Our FlexiTop wet pour rubber surfaces are very popular in schools and nurseries as they are:

  • Hard wearing
  • Non-slip
  • Colourful and inviting
  • Porous (so should not become waterlogged)
  • Fully compliant with EN 1176 and EN 1177 safety standards.
Colourful wet pour with computer aided design to encourage play

Colourful wet pour with precise computer aided design encourages play

Find out about Wet Pour Rubber Surfacing

TigerMulch  – Bound Rubber Mulch

Our Bound Rubber Mulch (TigerMulch) is a natural looking alternative to bark, but with improved safety properties and vastly reduced maintenance.

  • High durability
  • Low maintenance (no need to keep refilling)
  • Great safety properties (Fully compliant with EN 1176 and EN 1177)
  • Quick to install, so great value for money
  • Non-slip
  • Very porous and free draining

Our bound rubber mulch is also great for tree pits and high wear areas

Our rubber mulch (TigerMulch) laid in 3 colours with perfect fit to playground equipment

Our rubber mulch (TigerMulch) laid in 3 colours with perfect fit to playground equipment despite being on a slope. Our zero defects policy in action!

Find out about Rubber Mulch Surfacing

Synthetic or Artificial Grass

Where possible it is best for children to be playing on real grass.  However, we recognise that this is not always possible due to natural grass being unable to cope with high foot traffic and may also have drainage issues and maintenance issues.  Our Artificial grass (know as SyntheTurf) solves these issues:

  • A year-round “green” area is a great asset. It brightens the environment and encourages activity outdoors.
  • Low maintenance
  • Can have improved drainage installed – the synthetic grass itself is porous (free draining)
  • With the correct subsurface can also be an effective safety surface
  • Reduces mess and cleaning costs as children don’t bring mud and dirt inside 
Artificial grass next to rubber mulch

Artificial grass next to rubber mulch. Our synthetic turf is hard wearing and gives a great natural look

Find out about Artificial Grass Surfacing

Safety Surface Deep Clean – Extend the life of your playground!

When an outdoor surface becomes very dirty and wet, it is often very slippery.  Our deep clean service can restore a tired playground making it like new.

  • Safety, non-slip and resilient properties restored (including improved drainage)
  • Kills moss / mould and inhibits moss and mould regrowth
  • Restores colours
  • Play areas only closed for a short period of time during cleaning
  • Equally effective on black and coloured surfaces
  • Works well on rubberised sports surfaces too
  • Can also work on concrete and tarmac too
  • No other process cleans so deeply and so effectively
Wet pour safer surfacing - before and after a deep clean

A deep clean of a safety surface with our specialist solution not only makes it safer (by making it less slippery) but also restores the porosity, making it less likely to flood AND restores the original colours. Wet pour safer surfacing – before and after a deep clean

Why Cleaning Playground Surfaces Makes Sense And Saves You Money

Safety Surface Fixing Service – Saving you money

Playground safety surfacing is highly durable and designed to provide years of operation. Like any external facility open to the elements, every surface needs maintaining, whether made of rubber, synthetic carpet or even natural play bark.

Surfaces can often be repaired rather than replaced economically and efficiently. Redlynch Leisure can advise on the best course of action for your surfacing – often helping you to save money.

Our highly experienced technicians will be happy to inspect any playground surface and advise on the most effective course of action without obligation.

Safety Surface Repair Service

Playground Equipment Installation in Schools and Nurseries

For over 20 years we have been installing outdoor play equipment at schools and nurseries as part of our safety surfacing business.  We use our own DBS checked installation teams who not only are experienced playground surface installers, but also have a thorough knowledge of playground equipment from many UK suppliers.

We also provide and install some of the best playground equipment available worldwide via our partnership with Lappset.

Redlynch Leisure are the distributors and installers for Lappset in Wales and the southern half of England.  

lappset castle tower

A Lappset activity tower with a slide installed by Redlynch Leisure

Playground Equipment Installation

High Wear Pathways and Daily Mile Tracks

There are often areas in schools and nurseries where grass areas and stone paths become eroded and create problems.  This is especially the case in schools participating in (the fantastic!) Daily Mile initiative.

We have some fantastic solutions for running tracks, Daily Mile tracks and pathways that solve these issues.  Our rubberised pathways are durable and porous and  also feel lovely to walk or run on.  Even better their rubber base makes them  gentle on children’s joints.

Tiger mulch pathway

Bound rubber mulch pathway at Whitgift School. Ideal for a daily mile running track.

Solutions for High Wear Paths and Daily Mile Tracks

Outdoor Leisure Tables

Redlynch Leisure also supply some of the best outdoor leisure tables that are really durable as well as beautiful. 

See our range of Outdoor Leisure Tables

Table Tennis Tables

Table Football

 Picnic tables

Chess Tables.

Amazing Playground Equipment for Schools & Nurseries

We are really happy to offer Lappset playground equipment to schools and nurseries as it is not only some of the most interesting, fun and innovative,  it also has some fairly unique environmental benefits:

  • Quality of components

High Pressure Laminated panels and Glue laminated posts for structural elements mean that these components will last longer than round wood posts.  Glue laminated posts have the hardest most weather resistant wood on the outside (this is done by quartering posts and then using the heart wood on the outside).  Products are designed to last at least 15 years …. with strong guarantees to back this up

  • Environmental credentials 

Most of the playground equipment uses sustainably grown Finnish timber that is sustainably produced and fully tracked from source to our factories. Lappset have had an ISO 14001 certified environmental programme since 1988.

See more on how Lappset take environmental responsibility seriously (opens in a new window)

Outdoor Play Equipment For Nurseries and Playgroups

The ABC Toddler range is designed for children under 5 – the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  Designs encourage young children to move and play with many items designed with dimensions that make it really easy for adults to access the equipment and support young children.

The ABC range fit seamlessly with school playground equipment for older children so its easy to create a playground that accommodates children across the whole age range.

Playground Equipment for nurseries and playgroups View EYFS Brochure (pdf) View Key Stage 1 Brochure (pdf)

Theme based and bespoke playgrounds

Encouraging children’s imagination is one of our core aims.  Our playground designers at Lappset have created thousands of custom designs for schools and leisure attractions all over the world, so there is a high chance we will already have a custom design that your school will love.

As Lappset manufacture their equipment, it is easy to introduce bespoke features, whether this is to ensure equipment safely fits in a constrained space, or you want a little thematic touch to make your playground even more special.

These units can be surprisingly space efficient – the fishing boat below is designed for 30 children all within a relatively small footprint.  Also thanks to the clever design and manufacturing process of most theme based playground equipment from Lappset, they are very competitively priced.

Fishing boat - theme based playground equipment

Fishing boat – one of the hundreds of theme based playground equipment from Lappset. This unit can accommodate 30 children

Contact Us to discuss your ideas

View Theme Based Play Brochure (pdf)

Adventure Trails with a difference

Our trim trails are truly something special and very different from the standard trim trails common throughout the country.  We have retained the great advantages of Trim Trails utilising flexible layout for difficult or constrained spaces and modest costs but have also included some new aspects:

  • Different designs including climbing trails  
  • Steel footings to prevent rotting at ground level
  • Usage of High Pressure Laminate  in the structural pieces for longer product life (more resistant to cracking and warping)
  • Glue laminated timber supports.  This material will not split and retains its colour – unlike conventional round wood trim trails which are prone to rotting, splitting and warping
Lappset Adventure trail

Great adventurous climbing activities in this trim trail. Note the steel feet shown in the image – this prevents rot at the base of the structure.

Contact us for a free design consultation

Nature Play – the Flora Range

Beautiful natural looking playgrounds fire up children’s imagination.  From trim trails, to troll villages the Flora range brings nature into an urban environment or fits seamlessly into a rural area. 

Flora natural playground

Little touches make Flora playgrounds have a lovely natural feel

Flora – Beautiful playgrounds with a natural look and feel

Clover Value for Money Range

  • All the playground favourites (swings, slides, towers, climbing frames etc)
  • High quality equipment with strong guarantees
  • Steel fee to prevent rot
  • Sustainable production with High Pressure Laminate boards and Glue laminated structural posts
children playing on a slide

Children playing on a tower and slide from the Clover range

Affordable school playground equipment without compromising quality

Inclusive Design

Lappset playground designers have a wealth of experience from creating inclusive and wheelchair accessible playgrounds all over the world.

There is also a comprehensive range of Inclusive Sports and fitness range (suitable for all ages)

Samba with rails from Inclusive play range

Inclusive and wheelchair accessible playgrounds

Solutions for Schools Lacking Playground Space

How can you magically create space for a big playground piece in a very restricted space? The answer is to create a vertical playground!

We have 2 different custom designs for vertical playgrounds.  As these are custom pieces they can be designed in a wide variety of dimensions (but always go upwards).  What’s more, despite their height they can have fantastic play features for lots of children and still not require a safety surface.

Wall Holla with goal posts

Wall Holla with a MUGA goal end. A vertical playground that maximises the available play space

Vertical Playgrounds for “space challenged” schools


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Finno castle themed play tower.

This castle themed play tower is from the Finno range. There are loads of theme based play centrepieces in all sizes. choices High quality playground equipment from Lappset.