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Dips machine from Lappset@Redlynch

Battle ropes in a fitness park

Exercising on monkey bars

Exercising on Monkey Bars

Developed with experts
The whole Fitness concept has been developed together with Mikko Salo, CrossFit World Champion 2009 and Anu Puonti, Finland`s first CrossFit Kids instructor.

Beautiful and Inviting
This equipment is made with love and attention to detail and with all the hallmarks of Scandinavian design prowess. We like fitness parks that enhance their environment blending well into urban and rural spaces

Help and Advice Available
Not only will we help you to choose the right equipment for your audience, whether it is a professional sports team, a school or public park (or whoever) but there are also QR codes on the equipment to provide additional help to the end user as well as a wealth of videos for training inspiration. For example take a look at the Lappset Work Out of the Day (opens in a new window)

Designed for Use
Careful attention to detail like the choice of wood and metal materials means that the equipment is very durable and safe (EN 16630 safety satndard). It is also usable – for example the products are not too hot or cold for use and are not slippery. (So you won’t find cold metal handles that make the equipment unusable in winter. This equipment has been designed to be used from Finland to Singapore, so our lovely UK climate won’t be a problem)

Find out more

Redlynch Leisure supply and install Lappset equipment in Wales and the Southern Half of the UK (including Birmingham). On the Lappset website you can get the full list of product options as well as dwg files, product images, dimensions and maintenance guidelines.

Redlynch Leisure are experts in safety surface installation, so you can be sure that these products will be installed with a safe landing surface.

Please Note the links to Products open in a new window on the Lappset website. You can contact us via their website (just select United Kingdom on the contact form), but its probably quicker and easier to contact us directly.

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Safety Notice: The free standing weights are not EN 16630 certified. The independent inspection agency TÜV has given a statement on Lappset’s free weight products according to which they are safe to use.  However, free weight products should not be placed in the immediate vicinity of playgrounds or day care centres.  Of course we will advise on all of these details before you purchase products.

Hurdles in an fitness park

A beautiful Lappset outdoor fitness area

Doing "Dips" with a wall exercise in the background