Senior Fitness Range Supports Active Ageing

man on rope balance crossing from senior fitness range

man on springy balance from senior fitness range

Product Highlights

This equipment strengthens the muscles and improves motor skills and manual dexterity of the elderly. These are sensible forms of activity, which also enhances mental well-being.

Training muscle tone, balance and motor skills are good for everyone – especially the elderly, both mentally and physically. Research has shown that the fear of falling increases the actual risk of doing so. It also encourages too many elderly people to stay inside where they can become isolated.

Active ageing exercises also guarantee senior citizens more independent control over their lives. When you have no problems buttoning up your shirt or doing your everyday shopping, you know you have better control over your own life.

The Lappset mission: movement for everyone

Senior parks fulfil Lappset’s mission to have people of all ages moving. The idea behind Senior Sport is also to offer different generations a natural way of spending time together. Therefore, this range of equipment has been designed on the basis of research data collected on the everyday lives of the elderly and children in day care.We have worked hard to create Senior Sport areas that are perfect for children and grandparents to play together.

Designed to increase balance and reduce fall risk
Fitness, Strength & Mobility equipment designed for Senior Citizens
Aesthetically beautiful & built to last
Get realistic visualisations of your outdoor space
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Choice of colours
Range includes Strength & Balance
Range includes Joint Mobility
Range includes Core & walking
Designed as the perfect place for children & grandparents to play together

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Redlynch Leisure supply and install Lappset equipment in Wales and the Southern Half of the UK (including Birmingham). On the Lappset website you can get the full list of product options as well as dwg files, product images, dimensions and maintenance guidelines.

Redlynch Leisure are experts in safety surface installation, so you can be sure that these products will be installed with a safe landing surface.

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woman on balance beam from lappset senior fitness range

We spent 20 years of our life getting ready to work and for an active life in society, but no-one prepared us for the longest part of our existence, which stretches from retirement to death. Once we are retired, society forgets about us.... A whopping 80% of the elderly's ailments ease or disappear with 30 minutes of daily exercise that takes place outside and in company

Jose Garcia, Gerontology Specialist