What makes Flora playgrounds special?

Boy in a Lappset Troll Village Flora playground by Lappset Girl climbing a goblin pole

Flexible layouts You can create trails and routes to create a “Trim Trail” making the best possible use of available space and maximising play opportunities

Cost effective & Safe This equipment is made from glue laminated wood that are pressure and surface treated, so it will last for years. Also EN 1176 compliant of course

Blends with Nature Works with natural surfacing and best of all with TigerMulch -Rubber Mulch. That way you get a natural look with the benefits of safety surface and a greatly reduced maintenance cost

Durable and Long lasting All foundations are metal so this reduces rot and extends product life

Easy to add more play features You can add other products to your playground as and when you have the budget to do so

Standard Parts for easy repairs

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Need help?

Our friendly playground designers are always ready to help. Redlynch Leisure is the distributor and installer for Lappset in Wales and the Southern half of the UK (including Birmingham).

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Beautiful natural looking playground - from Lappset Flora rangeFlora natural climbing tower