Premium Playground Examples

Olive from the premium range

Olive from the premium range. Visually stunning, inviting and great fun. For 22 users over 2 . Despite the height of the structure it only requires surfacing for a 1m fall height.

Dino from the Premium range

Dino. A range of activities can be configured under the Dino with swings, slides and a variety of climbing activities. For upto 76 users over 2 years. 3m fall height

Marine Monster - stunning playground centrepiece

The Marine Monster features covered spaces for all weather play. Activites for children from 2 upwards with a capacity of 67 children.

Marine Monster from the Premium range

Another view of the Marine Monster. Climbing on the roof is encouraged! This photo shows how we can help you visualise what finished piece will look like in your location. Fantastic fro Architects and Landscape planners.

the Nautilus from the Premium range

The Nautilus from the Premium range. For children from 2 upwards with a capacity of 76 users.

Inside the Nautilus - from Premium range

Inside the Nautilus. Plenty of space for swings, slides seats etc.

Tree house from the Premium range

Tree House from the Premium range. Ages 2+ with maximum capacity of 88 users.

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