Our Bespoke Designs Turn Your Wildest Dreams Into Reality

Bespoke Space Centre playground

This bespoke Space Centre is an ideal playground centrepiece with plenty of play features as well. (Product Code Q12089)

Bespoke play castle

Bespoke play castle with special colours to match other play equipment. Slides ladders, nets, towers etc can all be configured to meet size requirements. (Product Code Q07451-1)

Flora (natural) playground tower with simple adaption.

Bespoke designs are not just for expensive playground centrepieces. This simple Flora tower has inexpensive adaptations to meet required space constraints (Products Code Q08022_2)

Bespoke windmill themed play area

This play windmill uses the smooth lines of the Halo Cubic range to create a beautiful focal point for a playground. Of course its also packed with play features for sliding
and climbing (Product Code Q12181)

Bespoke Playground Centrepieces

Many leisure attractions need a fantastic playground centrepiece to really excite their younger visitors.  This of course makes the older visitors happy too! A series of some really stunning and innovative designs have made Lappset the go to designer for bespoke designs.

For example Merlin Entertainments (Alton Towers, Chessington Adventure Park Seaworld etc) partners with Lappset and the recent Peter Rabbit Experience park was also provided by Lappset.

A fantastic playground centrepiece is great for theme parks, leisure attractions, holiday and shopping destinations and adventure playgrounds.

Taking a stunning design as your starting point for customisation is great – see the Halo Cubic and Wall Holla designs – these modern vertical playgrounds not only save playground footprint area and reduce surfacing costs but are truly innovative  playground design masterpieces.

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Customised Theme Based Playgrounds

Children love theme based play – it feeds their imagination and at a major leisure attraction adds to the visitor experience. Animals, ships, boats, castles, rockets, spaceships, tractors, helicopters, aeroplanes, trains are all common requirements.

If you see anything in our play range, then you can be confident it can be adapted or improved. Of course if you have a theme based idea that we have never built before we will gladly try to turn your dream idea into reality. (With “only” 5000 different bespoke designs done to date there are plenty of great ideas we have not yet built).

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Colour Changes

We like to think that our products come with a great choice of colour palettes, but sometimes these are not enough! As we manufacture our products in our own factories, we can create customised colour palettes on request.

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Customised Play Features

By using many modular designs in our manufacturing methods, we can usually change the orientation of play equipment – for example moving a slide so the sun does not shine in children’s eyes at the top of a slide. We can also add, change or even remove play features like activity nets, climbing panels, bridges, poles.

These changes do not have to be very expensive.

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Bespoke play ship with activites for children of all ages

Not your average play ship! This bespoke ship includes a fitness area for older children as well as loads of fun activities for younger children (Product code Q12946_2)

Inclusive play castle

Inclusive wheelchair accessible play features added to this bespoke play castle. (Product Code Q10917)