Climbing Frames & Activity Tower Choices

Toddler activity tower with slide

Activity Tower (Fino ABC for Toddlers range) For up to 6 children aged over 1. Flexible modular construction allows different colours frames, roof styles and slide types. (Product Code 137117M)

Finno - climbing frame with slide

Activity Tower (Fino range) For up to 15 children aged over 4. Multifunctional with curved ladder, fireman’s pole, slide, bridge and seat. Flexible modular construction allows different colours frames, roof styles and activities. (Product Code 137105)

Flora natural playground

Goblin’s Forest (Flora range) For up to 11 children aged over 3. Multifunctional and natural looking with 2 covered towers, slide, ramps, peg ladder, rung or zig-zag bridge. (Product Code 175520)

Cloxx oxygen mini climbing frame

Oxygen Mini (Cloxx Metal range) For up to 5 children aged over 3. Practical and tough – guarantees a great climbing adventure in the playground(Product Code 220131)

girl climbing on a Lappset climbing cube

Climbing Cube. From our Climbing and Bouldering range For up to 6 people. Climbing and bouldering are great unisex activities for people of all ages – these cubes are suitable for over 5 years. (Product Code 175520)

planetarium play space from Lappset

Play Planetarium. From our Play Planetarium For up to 49 children – with space for 30 children under the dome. Climbing on the roof makes this an amazing outdoor learning and play space (Product Code 231005)

Toddler Towers (for under 5s)

Specially designed for young children from 2+, these towers are smaller and more accessible for young children.  They are also designed to make it easy for parents or nursery teachers to help children if needed. Toddler ABC Range

Clover Value Range

The Clover range is designed to be great value for money without compromising safety or fun. Clover

Finno – Multiplay Range

This is Lappset’s biggest range and gives a wealth of possibilities for configuring play features and colours (slides, nets, climbing walls etc) Finno – Multi-Play

Cloxx- Metal

When you need something really tough, then Cloxx is a great choice. Modular frames that are great for climbing and exercising. Cloxx – Metal Playgrounds

Flora – Natural Look

If you want to create a more natural play area to bring some respite to an urban setting or want something that will blend into a natural landscape then Flora is the best choice. Flora – Natural Wood Playgrounds

Climbing and Bouldering Walls

Many towers can have bouldering walls fitted to them. Lappset also have some great climbing cubes and free standing bouldering walls for indoor or outdoor use. Climbing Cubes & Bouldering Walls

Play Planetarium

Lappset are renowned for their innovative playgrounds. The Play Planetarium will not disappoint you. It’s an outdoor learning space for 30 children inside and a climbing frame for another 19 children on the outside. Beautiful, educational, innovative …. and great fun. Play Planetarium

Wall Holla & Cubes

These are beautiful creations taking play into a vertical space, yet have a 1m fall height. By building playgrounds upwards, play areas or vistor attractions with limited space can have a truely magnificent activity tower. Wall Holla & Halo Cubic

Theme Based

A climbing frame does not have to be boring. Theme based activity towers help nurture a child’s imagination with play ships, castles, aeroplanes, dragons and more. Lappset designers will be happy to design something customised for your school, vistor attraction or theme park. Theme Play & Natural play

All Activity Towers

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All Climbing Frames

(Note the link below will open the Lappset website in a new tab) View Lappset Climbing Frames — Redlynch Leisure is the distributor and installer for Lappset in Wales and the Southern half of the UK (including Birmingham). Request Lappset Play Brochure Contact Us for Pricing

Huge Wall Holla activity centre

Bespoke Wall Holla. This extra large Wall Holla is for 70+ children over 5. Slides, poles, dens make this an exciting place. What’s more most Wall Hollas only require surfacing for a 1m fall height and provide a fantastic play space for lots of children in a (relatively) small footprint.

Adventure ship activity tower

Santa Maria Play ship from the Theme Based Play range. These ships are stunning and loved by children (and parents) wherever they are installed. (Product Code 137840)