Balancing & Rocking Equipment from Lappset

Girl balancing on a precision ball

Children on goblin track balance beams

As with all Lappset products these playground products are safe (EN 1176)  and exceptionally durable with strong warranties and a genuine commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. (links open in a new window)

Our Lappset range have balance equipment in multiple styles to fit with whatever your playground range.

We are always happy to help you choose the right products for your needs so please call us on 01249 537 444 or contact-us online. Redlynch Leisure has over 20 years experience installing playground equipment and playground safety surfacing.

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Redlynch Leisure is the distributor and installer for Lappset in Wales and the Southern half of the UK (including Birmingham).

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Girl on a wobbly bridge

Girl balancing on a beam and jumbping onto precision balls

Children balancing on a seesaw