Lots of Choice for Playground favourites

Flora playground by Lappset with a slide

Toddlers loving playing on a slide

Lappset spinning machine with children

Even teenagers love playing on Lappset spinners

Safe, Very Durable & Great Fun

Firstly playground equipment must be great fun and help child development. But they also need to be safe and durable. As with all Lappset products these playground products are safe (EN 1176) and exceptionally durable with strong warranties and a genuine commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. (links open in a new window)


You have lots of choice with slides, from plastic slides on the Clover Value Range to steel slides on most other ranges right up to sliding tubes on the more exotic Wall Holla, Cubic and Theme based ranges.

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Swings and Aerial Runway

There’s plenty of choice in the Lappset Swing range too. With swing frames for 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 swings. The frames can be metal or wood and can even be given a natural look in the Flora Range, or be a stunning cantilever design. Swing seats can be birds nest style, rubber or cradle seat. There is even a 4 person swing.

There is also an aerial runway (not quite a swing … but you can see it in the swing category on the link below).

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Carousels, Spinners and Roundabouts

We call these spinning machines roundabouts, but to our Finish friends at lappset they are called “Carousels”, so please don’t be confused. As with much of lappset playground equipment, there are some really inovative spinning machines for children to play on, including a natural looking “Fairy’s Carousel” in the Flora range, a Spinning Machine, a space saving “Copper” spinner as well as “Xspeed” for the thrill seekers.

The youngest children have not been forgotten, there is also the “Froggy” spinner for the toddler age group.

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View Carousels, Spinnners & Roundabouts on Lappset Website

Redlynch Leisure is the distributor and installer for Lappset in the Southern half of the UK.

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Swing set with 3 swings - one a cradle swing for younger children

Children playing on a Nest Swing

Children playing on a roundabout
Embankment slide