Surfaces Suitable for a Daily Mile


Tiger mulch pathway

Bound rubber mulch pathway at Whitgift School. Ideal for a daily mile running track.

TigerMulch pathway.

We can lay a bound rubber mulch onto grass. Done properly this will last for years.

Wet Pour Rubber – Athletics Track

We can apply Wet Pour Rubber very much like an athletics track.  Great for colours and patterns its a lovely surface to jog on.  However it is expensive and usually needs the right surface to be a good lasting solution.  For example we can usually apply wet pour rubber directly onto concrete or tarmac.  We do not apply wet pour directly onto grass.

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TigerMulch – Bound Rubber Mulch

A TigerMulch (our bound rubber mulch),  pathway is a great option.  Its cheaper than wet pour surfacing, has a similar cushioned feeling to walk or run on and is very durable.

The surface looks a lot like a wood chip and bark mulch so has a nice natural look that blends well in natural and urban settings.  As it is made from recycled lorry tyres, its also a highly durable and porous surface meaning you will not cause any localised flooding or puddling issues.  Rubber mulch is also resistant to becoming slippery in the wet or in icy conditions.

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Other Solutions

In some circumstances we can create daily mile tracks from recycled  granulated rubber.


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Another Bound Rubber mulch pathway on grass

Bound rubber mulch has a nice natural look. Its practical too for a Daily Mile as the recycled rubber creates a soft surface thats gentle on knees and ankles. Rubber mulch also drains well so doesn’t exacerbate standing water in your playground.