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FlexiTop in situ wet pour rubber surfacing is a flexible two-course system which can be installed to varying depths. The non-slip top layer, known as the wearing course, consists of tough and durable EPDM rubber granules mixed with a polyurethane binder. These clean cut and clean faced granules provide a well bonded surface with a high tensile strength that will prove to be extremely durable. The base course comprises granulated recycled rubber to varying depths dependent on the equipment above. The spongy base layer cushions the fall, progressively deforming and lengthening the impact over time and distance.


Using state of the art Computer Aided Design, an exciting range of graphics can be created, suitable for large and small areas.  Colourful wet pour rubber designs are really popular in playgrounds. Any number of themes can be devised and a wide choice of colours will bring life to playgrounds on the dullest days. Plain black is ideal for restricted budgets or where a colourful design is not essential for soft play. A colourful playground is a magnet for children, allowing them to play safely away from cars and other dangers.


Quality workmanship is the foundation of FlexiTop’s soft pour durability. Unlike many firms, Redlynch employs its own highly skilled and experienced direct workforce to install the product. Rigorous quality control and a zero defects policy at every stage means that our wet pour rubber surfacing will keep on working, year after year.

Equipment Supply

We work with the biggest and best providers of playground equipment. When refurbishing or constructing a new play area Redlynch can supply and install the play equipment. This optimises design, guarantees that the depth of safety surfacing corresponds to the individual equipment and speeds overall installation time.


FlexiTop Wet Pour Rubber is an ideal safety surfacing solution for playgrounds, indoor and outdoor leisure areas and is guaranteed to give years of service.

  • Fully tested and laid in accordance with BS EN 1176 : 1988 and BS EN 1177 : 1998. We fully meet the standards for free fall height, durability, slip resistance and flammability
  • Sustainable construction featuring hard wearing EPDM rubber granules to provide the tough, non-slip wearing course over the base course of recycled truck tyres
  • Wide choice of design and colours
  • Can be laid on existing tarmac or concrete
  • Porous and fast draining
  • Installed only by our own specialist operatives
  • Durability – many of our original surfaces are still working well after nearly 20 years active use
  • Can be cleaned to look like new using our innovative Rubber Surface Cleaning Solution

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Wet Pour Rubber - safe fall height chart

“The new playground has made such a difference to the children. They love the patterns and can’t wait to get outside and have fun.”