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This is a guide to help you determine if there are potential problems with your playground surfacing or playground equipment that should be examined further.  For any help and advice please contact Redlynch Leisure by our contact form, email ( or telephone (01249 444 537).

We hope to demonstrate that there are a number of quick and easy ways you can improve safety in your playground in a cost effective manner.  We can frequently restore a tired playground into great condition by our thorough surface cleaning service.  We can also fix high wear or worn out areas of safer surfaces with matching patches.  Of course we cannot restore every playground surface … but we can fix problems like slipperiness or frequent water-logging.  Just contact us if you are not sure.

Please Note:
You will need to be “hands on” when you check the play area. Go onto the equipment. Listen to the noises moving pieces make, and watch how they move too. 
This checklist is an addition NOT a replacement for a professional independent playground safety examination. The British and European safety standard BS EN1176 and the Health and Safety Executive strongly recommend that all play areas have at least one inspection every year from an independent suitably qualified playground inspector.

Redlynch Leisure have over 20 years experience installing playground safety surfacing and outdoor play equipment.

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More guidance on how to check playground safety:

If you are not familiar with checking your playground below are a few pointers that we hope will help you understand how to complete our playground safety checklist:

  • Playgrounds should be inspected regularly on a systematic basis (e.g. weekly or monthly)
  • Every year there should be a professional independent safety inspection
  • A very high proportion of accidents happen due to tripping or slipping on uneven surfaces. Make sure you check the approaches to the playground as well as things like the edging around a safer surface and any other trip hazards. (The edges of safety surfacing should not be a trip hazard.
  • Equipment should be firmly secured – especially at the exit point of a slide, swing frames or anything that children climb on
  • Swing seats should be secure (especially the middle bar of a toddler swing. Check the chains or ropes that secure the swing to the frame – they should not have excessive wear. Sit on the swings – the top bar should not move
  • Check surfaces for slipperiness
  • Check metal equipment for rust problem you will hear a hissing sound as rust falls down inside the tube
  • On rockers and springers, give them a hard push to rock them – you should not hear any rattles
  • Roundabouts should turn smoothly and should not have excessive movement if you stand on them

Find out more about playground safety:
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents – Playground Safety (opens in a new window)